Thai Namthip

  Garlic and Butter Baby Clams Served with Garlic  
  Northeast Sausage  
  Pork or Chicken Satay  
  Steamed Shrimps Wonton  
  Deep-fried Seafood Wrapper  
  Deep-Fried Shrimp Cakes  
  Pomelo Salad  
  Spicy and Sour King prawn Soup with Young Coconut (Tom Yum Kung)  
  King Prawn in Red Curry  
  Stir fried King Prawn Topped with Tamarind Sauce  
  Crispy Deep-fried Pompano with mango salad sauce  
  Stir-fried Sea Bass with Cashew Nut Dressing  
  Stir-fried chicken with cashew nut  
  Deep-fried chicken with herbs  
  Roasted duck in red curry  
  Chicken in green curry  
  Chicken in yellow curry  
  Seafood fried rice in pineapple  
  Fried noodle with shrimp in Thai style (Pad Thai)  
  Chinese olive with minced pork fried rice  
  Fried rice with Dried beef and Papaya Salad  
  Fried Chicken Sticky Rice and Papaya Salad  
  Grill Prawns with Papaya Salad  
  Stir-fried Minced Pork and chili sauce served with vegetable  
  Shrimp paste and chili sauce served with mango  
  Stir-fried Minced pork rib in red curry  
  Salted crab simmer in a little water with coconut  
  Pork, Chicken and Prawns Salad  
  Grilled Beef Salad  
  Spicy and Sour Pork with Garlic and Lime Sauce  
  Spicy and sour Deep-fried Gouramy salad  
  Winged Pea Salad  
  Vegetable Salad  
  Spicy and Sour Deep-fried Sea Bass Salad  
  Spicy and sour prawns soup with stuffed eggs  
  Sea Bass with Morning Glory in red curry  
  Hokkicn Style Noodles with Prawns  
  Rice noodles with seafood  
  Spicy and sour Chicken soup with tamarind leaf  
  Moorhen soup with turmeric and herbs  
  Mango + Sticky Rice  

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